Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Better stepping with an A4988 based controller.

I wired up a single stepper driver board today on a baby breadboard and after a lot of firkling about I have this running pretty smoothly using the pigpio library.

I have been testing to see the maximum speed I can reach with this setup, and it comfortably reaches just over 400 full steps per second in 1/2 step mode (so I am kicking the step input 800 times a second.

1/2 step mode gives the fastest rotation and also has the most torque. All other modes tend to fall into stuck jitter well below 400 steps per minute.

I am currently running the rig off 12volts. I am going to try 24 volts (with a suitable adjustment to the current limiter!) as this should give me a bit more speed.

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