Friday, 3 August 2018

log book notes: trinamic 5130-bob on Raspberry pi

These are notes on using a trinamic 5130-bob on Raspberry Pi.
Here is a short video of it running....

I intend to have a Python interface to the device eventually.

I'm running this on a pi 3b+ with raspbian lite installed.

I'm basically following this page, but switching 5160 to 5130.

The broadcom driver version I have is 1.56. (check here)
tar zxvf bcm2835-XXX.tar
cd bcm2835-XXX
sudo make check
sudo make install

The trinamic software also needs wiringPi installed....

And you need to follow their (trinamic) directory instructions to make to work.

Finally small differences in the detailed spec between 5130 and 5160 mean that the GCONF setting should be 04, not 0C - see main.c line 39 on the trinamic website page linked above.

I could now drive a motor successfully. I have added a few more tweaks to the code which are detailed below. (The code is here as well)